At Ehsan Welfare Development Organisation we strongly value our volunteers and your contribution to our cause. We empower our volunteers to make changes to peoples lives through their actions; to take control of when and how they contribute; and to lead on any fundraising project they are passionate about. 

What's in it for you?

While we appreciate that most individuals want to volunteer to make a difference, we feel that volunteering is a two way experience and that there should be benefits in return for sacrificing your time. 
  • Meet and work with interesting people
  • Volunteer flexibly, around all your other commitments
  • Add value to your CV by gaining skills & experience
  • We can even provide references to future employers if you need
  • Free entrance to our events, and chance to attend dozens of other events

Things to consider

In order to make your experience with us as beneficial as possible, please consider a few things to ensure that you have enough information before deciding to become a volunteer. 
  • Think about what you aim to get from volunteering – Do you want to build new skills, enhance your CV or just have a chance to help and contribute to our cause?
  • Think about what you can offer us – enthusiasm, work skills, life skills, or something more unique? 
  • Work out how much spare time you can sacrifice, and how many times a week or month you can give to your given tasks. 
  • Remember that every single individual can volunteer – whatever skills or experience you have, you should be able to find an opportunity that fits you. 
  • Ask questions, like “who will I be responsible to?”, “what support will I be given?” – don’t be shy about asking questions as you go through the process of applying for an opportunity.
And if you still can’t make up your mind, just try it! Often the most difficult part of volunteering is making the first move.

Becoming a volunteer

Want to become a volunteer and help to make a difference? Contact +1 (978) 973-4923 and they will guide you in the right direction for you to become a volunteer. 

Our current volunteers

Muhammad Junejo

volunteer Tharparkur Pakistan

Qurban Samejo

volunteer Tharparkur Pakistan

Saad Mushtaq

volunteer Karachi Pakistan

Tahir ehsan

volunteer Multan Pakistan

Waheed Akhtar

volunteer Lahore Pakistan

Kumiriano Li


Tom Rahabi


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