Ehsan Charity Organization is an independent non-governmental, not-for-profit organization founded to take our share of responsibility and contribute to the great cause of serving humanity.

UK Charity Registration# 01159878

USA Charity Registration # 81-5292887

Pakistan Charity Registration# DGSW(S)2264

Our Mission

Ehsan Trust is established to provide services in field of clean water, education and sanitation projects to make World a better place to live and enjoy lives.

Our Vision

Ehsan Charity seeks positive change around the world through the support of non-profit organizations dedicated to social, cultural”

Our Values

Establish communities with population of 200+ households to provide

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What We Do

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Our Team

We worldwide team who is helping us to deliver our cause to the needy.

Kamran Ehsan

Director USA

Faisal Ahmad

Director USA

Farooq Afridi

Director USA

Aamir Ehsan

Director UK

Mandy Pearson

Director UK

Seema Nazli

Lead- Pakistan

Santosh Kumar Field Supervisor


Sadaf Mushtaq


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